Nina Prinz

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29.08.2007 09:49 Alter: 11 yrs
Von: Nina



Since we have been at Mugello the weekend of 18.-19 august for training with the whole Y2K Duacti Womens Team, I was really looking forward to this race. As soon as I had a couple of laps on the Mugello race track it became my favorite, although the track is a bit tricky. The curves are fast, not always easy to look into and the up and downs through the hills, make the track special.


With the CIM we had to set the bike for DUNLOP tyres, which for this track was a benefit.



To get some extra practise, we travelled back to Mugello on Wednesday. Unfortunate for us, after we had left on Monday morning it started raining and it was still raining on thursday. And a training in the rain was not granted by Marco (our own Y2K Flavio Briatore).



Friday the weather still played games with us, rain and sun fighted for their rights. In the afternoon we had one free practise and quick afterwards the first qualifying. The qualifying was in partly cloudy conditions and I wanted to get at least some free laps, therefor entered the track as one of the first riders. Already in the second lap I had set the best time. After some laps, I came in and we made some changes to the set-up. After which I was not able to improve the laptime, due to the short 20 minutes which was the time given for the qualifying. Marco was grinning from ear to ear as my laptime was  good for pole position and 3,2 seconds faster as Samuela De Nardi, who had set second best time.


I had thought  I would be fast on the Mugello track, but I did not expect as much as 3 seconds.



Saturday the weather also played a game with us and I was lucky to improve the time again in the scond lap (2.01,07 min.) after which it started to rain, and I came into the box.


At that point I made the gap to my competition bigger -  3,49 sec. on Paola Cazzola who had now made second place for tomorrows race.



Sunday, the day of the race, which will never become easy for me to controll the nervs. Although the race itself was easy, the start was a fight again with Paola, who made, as usual, a flying start and took the first corner before me. Probably her risk attitude at the start is a bit bigger then mine……


But at the end of  SAVELLI, which is a fast downhill curve, I was able to overtake her from the outside and passing the start/finish line, I was indicated to have already a 2 seconds lead.



Lap after lap (8 in total) I was indicated by the team that the disctance between my and my first follower was growing and growing. When I passed the finish line after the race, the gap was 32 seconds.



After such a powerfull weekend the desire for more challenge is growing and who knows, maybe in 2008 I will be able to optain some races with men again.