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Von: Nina

WORLD DUCATI WEEK, 28.06 - 01.07.2007

If you have not been a DUCATI fan, you will be once you visit a World DUCATI Week.


It is amazing what you will see there. I have never before been to a motorcycle event like this before in my life. After this weekend I can only say – you should have been there to believe it.



Misano and vicinity where coloured red during the weekend of 28.6 thru 1.7.2007. It did not matter where you looked, whatever you saw it was red. Everywhere you went there where ques of DUCATI motorcycles, sometime even self made DUCATI trikes. It was Festa sul Pianeta Rosso/Party on a Red Planet. It was really impressive !


The paddock was the melting pot of DUCATI bikes and riders, everey-one was meeting here.


After 2 qualifyings I had made the 6th starting place in the DUCATI Desmo Challenge. During the race I was able to finish on place 5 overall and 1st in the Womens Challenge.


In the afternoon on Friday and Saturday, all DUCATI supported racingteams where invited to ‘show off’ on the race track. So our team, Y2K DUCATI WomensTeam particpated as well.

Wooooooooooow, I was riding on the Misano race track for thousands of fans together with great names like Bayliss, Lanzi and co. AMAZING.


But for the visitors the events just went on and on. After our track experience there was a military helicopter which showed us all what they can do. Even Troy Bayliss was invited to fly with them when they had ‚parked’ the helicopter on the track.


On Saturday the airforce had prepared a special show with formation flyers who gave us all goosebumps. When they passed they sprayed the tri-colore………….. chilling.



The highlight for me was Saturday.  All DUCATI supported teams where introduced on the stage, in front of thousands of DUCATIsti. Due to my first place in the Women Superstockclass, I was presented the winners cup. 


But then we had to clear the stage for the real party when Bayliss and Lanzi showed themselves. And the party realy started when Stoner and Capirossi came on stage. This was the 3rd time this weekend where I got the chills.



Around 21.00 everyone was invited to the Party on a Red Planet. The rack in front of the boxes was layed out with red carpet, barbeques where lined up and wine depots ready to fill us up. Party to stop untill you drop…………


Sunday was a leisure day, time to relax. At least for us. I think some others needed a bit longer to regenerate from the nite before…………….


Then suddenly it was time to go. We had a last interview (with DSF – will keep all of you posted when they will broadcast the WDW2007) and had to return to the airport.


Really a shame ……………….. I could stay with the DUCATIsti for ever !



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