Nina Prinz

< Rennwochenende in Vallelunga, 25. März 2007
25.03.2007 15:30 Alter: 12 yrs

Vallelunga March, 25th of 2007

As we arrived in Italien, which we expected to be nice and warm, we were disappointed badly as the temperatures where very low. On friday the temperatures varied between 10 and 15 C (depending upon the sun). For me, the first training on friday was actually the best overall. Planned where only 2 training on friday, but the automatic gear which was installed for the 2nd training, didnt function as planned. So Marco kindly arranged a 3rd training where we could test with the regular kit.

But unfortunately the electronics of the automatic where left on the bike which interfered with the engine and therefore didnt give me the power desired. A new day a new start on saturday, rain and very cold! When the first qualifying started, Luca (my contact for suspension) and I agreed on a rain setup and off I went.

From the start the bike felt good. Main thing now, was to get as many laps during the 20 minutes which were given for the qualifying. In the 3rd lap I was on pole position and was able to maintain a 2 second lead. Late afternoon we had the second qualifying and it was cold and getting colder. This made it possible to change some set-ups to try and wait to see what the others did in time. Nothing changed and therefore I stayed on pole position. Unfortunately the engine gave us some headache as it didnt run as smooth as it should. But Giorgo and Stefano made some adjustments which mad me confident for the race on sunday. On sunday the weather was clearing up and there was no warm-up before the race. GREAT! So we made some setup changes and of I went. In the first left corner I wsa overtaken by Paola. On the straight I noticed the bike wasnt as powerfull as it should be, so I made the effort to stick with her as good as possible. This did work although Alessia was able to overtake me in the third round. I was hoping they would make a mistake as they couldnt really make up their mind who would be first. Alessia as able to overtake Paola in the last lap, who made a mistake. Unfortunately I couldnt use the mistae, which left me on the third place. Overall I am satified with the direction we are going but we still have a lot of work to do.