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Nina Prinz: «So close to victory!»

Nina Prinz finished second and third at the fourth round of the «Qatar International Road Racing Championship 2013».

In the course of the Grand Prix of Qatar two races of the «Qatar International Road Racing
Championship» were held. The first race was dominated by the two QMMF teammates Alex Cudlin
and Nina Prinz. The Australian saw the chequered flag just four tenths of a second ahead of Prinz
and continues on his way to a successful defense of his title. In the arly stages oft he second race
Cudlin was in front of the field, but was passed by Al Naimi shortly before the end. Nina Prinz
secured third place.
The first free practice ended too early for the twice European Champion, after the secondary chain
went off. «Fortunately it happened right by the pitlane entry so I was able to roll back”, explained
the Suzuki pilot. «My mechanic Alfonso Castellano worked really fast, was able to fix a new chain
and I could make at least a few laps. A pity that I’ve lost important riding time. Of course, I know
the track. Although it’s difficult to keep at it, because Cudlin and the two Qataris are riding all the
time. Not me, due to the winter conditions.»
In the second qualifying everything went as planned until a sandstorm gathered. Prinz had just
picked up a new rear tire, when the storm became stronger. At the end she finished fourth on the
grid, but she was happy, because the times on the top were close together.
«The first race was just fantastic“, reported the 30-year-old. “I pushed from the beginning and was
able to follow Alex right after the start. Nasser tried to pass me in the second lap, but he was too
late on the brakes and had to take the straight exit. For that, Mashel, Alex and me could gain
ground on him. Mashel passed me in the fifth lap, but I was able to pass him again and stayed right
behind Alex until the end of the race. The last wto laps were difficult due to some backmarkers. But
I’m happy, because never was victory so close.»
Second race was held in the late afternoon but was postponed fort en minutes. “The first lap was
tricky to ride. In the beginning I was a bit careful and detained by Nasser. It’s difficult to pass,
because he has 15 k.p.h. more topspeed. By the middle of the race the front guys were hurried
away. Regarding the second race, I must admit that I didn’t find my rhythm. Now I enjoy following
the MotoGP live and I’m really grateful that QMMF is making all this possible!»
Race 1
1. Alex Cudlin (AUS/Suzuki) - 15 Laps in 31:14,198 Minutes, 2. Nina Prinz (D/Suzuki) + 0,474
Seconds, 3. Mashel Al Naimi (Q/Honda) + 7,628, 4. Nasser Al Malki (Q/BMW) + 8,923, 5. Saeed
Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (Q/BMW) + 58,972.
Race 2
1. Mashel Al Naimi (Q/Honda) - 14 Laps in 29:14,921 Minutes, 2. Alex Cudlin (AUS/Suzuki) + 0,014
Seconds, 3. Nina Prinz (D/Suzuki) + 9,204 Seconds, 4. Nasser Al Malki (Q/BMW) + 15,679, 5. Saeed
Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (Q/BMW) + 1:05,047 Minuten.

Championship standings after 7 races
1. Alex Cudlin 149 Points, 2. Mashel Al Naimi 116, 3. Nina Prinz 96, 4. Saeed Ibrahim Al Sulaiti 82, 5.
Nasser Al Malki 65.

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