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14.05.2013 06:59 Alter: 6 yrs

Nina Prinz: from hospital to podium

Despite a short stay in hospital, Nina Prinz moved on second place of Qatar International Road Racing’s overall standings finishing on the podium twice.

Winning all three races in Doha, Alex Cudlin made a preliminary title decision in the «Qatar International Road Racing Championship». Nina Prinz crashed in Race 1 and was brought to the Aspire Sports Academy Hospital due to a shoulder injury. Although the doctors doubted a start, she entered for the two remaining races taking third and second place.

In the first race the Suzuki pilot fought with Nasser Al Malki on BMW for second place. In the winding sections Prinz could still gain ground on Al Malki. In the seventh lap she came too close. “I was right behind his rear wheel, but still a bit too fast”, explained Nina. “I had to brake hard and then I lost the front end. I felt immediately that I’ve hurt my shoulder.”



The usual scans in Doha‘s noted Aspire Sports Academy Hospital excluded fractures. “After the warm-up we first decided against a start on Saturday’s races. But after a view on the championship standings I wanted to know it. I would have never forgiven missing one or two points for a better overall result at the end of the season. Today, I wanted to take even the smallest chance.”


The twice European Champion’s iron will and overcoming was rewarded. “Strain and pain were considerable, particularly in race 2”, confessed the 30-year-old from Kassel, Germany. “Although some of my contenders were unlucky, I was able to grab third and second. With that, I could move on second place in the overall standings. Alex made it, he’s separated from defending his title just by a few points. My goal for the four remaining races is to defend my second place in the standings.”



Race 1

1. Alex Cudlin (AUS/Suzuki) - 13 Runden in 26:56,399 Minuten, 2. Nasser Al Malki (Q/BMW) + 0,562 Sekunden, 3. Saeed Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (Q/Kawasaki) + 1:15,411 Minuten, 4. Surya Raja (IND/Kawasaki) + 1:28,941, 5. Ahmed Al Muyini (KSA/Honda) + 1:39,446.

Race 2

1. Alex Cudlin (AUS/Suzuki) - 15 Runden in 31:08,852 Minuten, 2. Nasser Al Malki (Q/BMW) + 3,841 Sekunden, 3. Nina Prinz (D/Suzuki) + 36,133, 4. Saeed Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (Q/Kawasaki) + 59,120, 5. Ahmed Al Muyini (KSA/Honda) + 1:35,601 Minuten.

Race 3

1. Alex Cudlin (AUS/Suzuki) - 15 Runden in 31:28,592 Minuten, 2. Nina Prinz (D/Suzuki) + 6,002 Sekunden, 3. Saeed Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (Q/Kawasaki) + 22,742. 4. Fahid Al Sowaidi (Q/Honda) + 1:26,966, 5. Ahmed Al Muyini (KSA/Honda) + 1:29,073 Minuten.

Championship standings after 10 races

1. Alex Cudlin (AUS/Suzuki) 224 Punkte, 2. Nina Prinz (D/Suzuki) 132 Punkte, 3. Saeed Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (Q/Kawasaki) 127 Punkte, 4. Mashel Al Naimi (Q/Honda) 116 Punkte, 5. Nasser Al Malki (Q/BMW) 105 Punkte.

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