Nina Prinz

< Erster Test Misano 14-16.März 2008
19.03.2008 15:19 Alter: 11 yrs

First test in Misano 14-16.March 2008

Before the first practise in Misano started was sure I can drive my new Bike the Yamaha R1 in Misano.

Normally the first idea was to drive this test with the Ducati 1098R.

The brand new MGM-Yamaha was perfectly prepared.

Michael, the team owner, has only one week for the preparation.

And he made a very good job, thank you.

My target was to make many kilometres with the bike and to learn the feeling from the nice Yamaha.

The weather was very nice and I have had no problems and a really good feeling with the Bike.


The next Test with the Team is planned in Valencia ( Spain ) from March 28. - 30.2008





On the way to Misano I stopped in <city><place>Bologna</place></city> to return the Ducati 1098 R back.