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24.06.2007 14:29 Alter: 12 yrs
Von: Nina Prinz

Festival Italia in Oschersleben

Festival Italia, last weekend 23 - 24.Juni 2007, was again a special event with Italian flair and lots lots of italian brand motorcycles.

So we decided almost last minute to go there and use the training for the EWC which will be in Oscherlseben in August. Unfortunately, the weather decided not to play along, and gave all riders some wett-race practise.

Saturday we also experienced some problems with the front brake of the DUC999, which resulted in uncontrolled brakepressure in every other corner. After resolving the problem, the first race on saturdayafternoon was already finished before it started – the clutch was not working.

Sunday was a different ball game,  the track was dry and during the warm-up I could stick with the fastest in teh sound of Thunder group. Finally I had the chance to feel the new set-up, which we had changed since the DucatiClubRaces in Assen 2-3 june.                                                               Although here was only a warm-up before the race, I was able to improve my laptimes. About 50 riders started in the  Sound of Thunder and I started from teh 11 psoition (3rd row), but it felt good. The start was one I had dreamed of many times before – on the dot. Already in the first corner, I was a little late on the brake, riding on the right I wasa able to overtake the two in front of me who where riding left and went into the first right being in the lead. I could not believe it. Now I had to stay cool.

Steady I rode my laps, making sure not to get to excited, having a permanent shadow behind me….. which made me want to go a bit faster in the end, but then it happened. My shadow had a problem and on the end of the strait flipped over his frontwheel………. Hmmm, maybe he concentrate to much of the ponytail in front of him.

Now I could relax a bit and finished the race with  8 sec. In front of the rest. This has been my race – a perfect Sunday                                                                                                                                     

You can see some of it yourself on television

NDR  -   ‘’ Germany’s favorite motorcycles’’ 

Part 1 / 11.08.2007  and Part II / 18.08.2007 - both times 16.00 Uhr.

DSF will transmit as well, we will let you know when as soon as we have more information.