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< Rennwochenende CIM MISANO, 21.10.2007
31.10.2007 11:15 Alter: 12 yrs


A Race never out of my mind

During the weekan from Oct 19. to 21. was the last race for the Italian Women Championship in Misano.

After not sitting since one and a half month on my wonderful 1098S it was a crazy race.

But least of all I feel very happy to race again. And the beginning of the weekend was not so bad. During the first qualification I have been nearby 1 Second before Paola.

For the second qualification I made my a new mind for the track a hope that I will find some free rounds without much traffic.

So this happened and I got 1,8 Seconds advance, the shower was calling. I need this really, the temperature in Italy was as cold as in Germany, also sometimes it was raining. Not typically for the Italian season.

The race itself was a highlight in my career. Everybody was very excited  least of all Romana could win the championship. Not so me, I could win the championship not so the title.

During the start the same procedure, but my fingers loses the clutch, what a mistake, JUMPSTART.

After finished the first lap I saw the table for 30 Seconds Penalty, now I must hurry.

And than the same table again, and I was not sure if I got the penalty in the box or on the track.

So I came in the box, but the team manager Marco cry VAI VAI VAI, back to the track.

So I only had seven rounds for reducing the penalty time, and each round I saw it was getting lower.

In the last round it was still four seconds, and after finished them I was not sure if I had won the race.

But then Wolfgang and Monique gave me a sigh … YES I won … with 4 more Seconds to Paola.

It was a very hard race, but now I know what to do after a JUMPSTART.

Least my best wishes to Romana. She is the Italian Champion 2007.